Privacy Policy of the online store

1. General information

1.1. The Operator of the Shop is Myplace24 Limited Liability Company, based in Warsaw (02-591), Stefana Batorego 20/10, with the Tax Identification Number 7010796599 and its REGON number 369243722.

1.2. The maintenance collects the data of users and retains the information in following ways:

a. By voluntary submission of the data in feedback forms.

b. By saving the data in users’ terminal equipment as Cookies.

c. By the hosting Operator which collects the logs of www address and functions at the shop address

2. Information in feedback forms

2.1. Service collects information voluntarily submitted by the users.

2.2. Service may, in addition, save the information concerning the connection parameters (time, IP address).

2.3. No third party, private or public, may have access to the data provided in form without informed consent of the user.

2.4. The data provided in form may state as prospective customer base, registered by the Service Operator in the register kept by Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.

2.5. The data provided in form are processed in accordance with the objective of a given form, e.g. to accomplish the process of dealing with service request or for the sales contact.

2.6. The data provided in forms may be passed on to the technical operators performing certain services – it concerns particularly forwarding on information about the owner of a registered domain to the operators of domains (primarily research and Academic Computer Network – NASK), services handling internet payments or other operators, with whom the Service Operator cooperates.

3. Cookie files

3.1. Service uses the Cookie files.

3.2. Cookies state the information data, particularly the text files stored in the end Service User terminal equipment and intended for the websites of the Service. Cookies include the name of the website they derive from, the time of being stored on a particular terminal equipment and a unique number.

3.3. Service Operator states as the entity that submits and gets the access to the Cookie files.

3.4. Cookies are used as following:

a. to produce statistics helpful in determining the ways websites are used by Service Users , which enables to improve the structure and content of these websites;

b. to keep the Service User’s session (after logging in), not to make one entering login and password on each subpage of the Service;

c. to determine User’s profile with the aim of displaying materials suitable for one in ad networks, Google in particular.

3.5. Service uses two types of Cookie files: session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary ones stored in a terminal equipment of a User until one logs out, leaves the website or excludes the software (web browser). The temporary ones are stored in a terminal equipment of a User for the time specified in cookie files parameters or until being deleted by a User.

3.6. Web browser usually permits the storage of Cookies in a User’s terminal equipment by default. Service In this case Users are enabled to change the settings. It is also possible to block these files automatically. More details are found in „Help” section or documentation of particular web browser.

3.7. The limited use of Cookies may influence the usability of Service websites in some part.

3.8. Cookie files inserted in a Service User’s terminal equipment may be used by the entities cooperating with the Service Operator in terms of advertising and partnership.

3.9. We recommend reading privacy policy of these companies to familiarize with the rules of Cookie files used in producing statistics: Privacy Policy of Google Analytics.

3.10. Cookies may be used by ad networks (Google in particular) to show advertisements tailored to the way the User makes use of the Service. Therefore, they may keep the information on User’s navigation path or the time of remaining on a given website.

3.11. The scope of information resulting from Cookies and stored by Google ad network may be viewed and edited by the User here:

4. Service logs

4.1. Information concerning particular Users’ behavior undergoes the process of logging in server layer. The data is used for site administration only. The aim of this use is to ensure the efficiency of hosting services provided.

4.2. Resources viewed are identified by their URL addresses. Moreover, the data saved may include:

a. Date of request,

b. Date of reply,

c. Name of User’s station identified by the HTTP protocol,

d. Information on errors occurred during the execution of HTTP transaction,

e. URL address of the website visited before (referer link) – when User was lead to the Service by the use of link,

f. Information on User’s web browser,

g. Information on IP address.

4.3. Data above is not associated with particular individuals accessing websites.

4.4. Data above is used to site administration only.

5. Data provision

5.1. Data is provided to a third party within the legal limit.

5.2. Data enabling the identification of a natural person is provided with the consent of that person only.

5.3. Operator may be required to provide the data collected by the Service to the authorized bodies with the respond to lawful requests and to the extent resulting from such request.

6. Cookie file management – how to give and withdraw the consent?

6.1. If you do not agree to receive cookie files, you can change the settings of your browser. At the same time we inform that the resignation from Cookies (that are necessary for authentication process, security, the maintenance of User’s preferences) may impede or even prevent the usage of websites.

6.2. To manage the Cookie files you need to choose the browser or system from the list below and follow the instructions:

a. Internet Explorer

b. Chrome

c. Safari

d. Firefox

e. Opera

f. Android

g. Safari (iOS)

h. Windows Phone

i. Blackberry



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