All about relax.. but how to prepare for a massage?

2018-02-07 15:39:34

Nowadays more and more SPA parlours and salons are offering us various kinds of massage. After booking the term, we can’t wait for this special treatment and the time of full relaxation. But what should we do at first while preparing for a massage?


This procedure is associated with rest and respite, but it also needs good performance. It’s not hard to deal with – there’s just a set of things we should remember to enjoy the treatment as much as possible.


The first and the most essential thing is to think positive! A massage is a pleasure and our reward. Why don’t we just leave our everyday problems and worries behind and smile?


... And when we are already smiling :) we should:


  1.       Wash our body before the massage.
  2.       Take off the jewellery before – that will make the treatment easier for massage therapist to perform.
  3.       Do not eat too much just before the massage. We want to feel comfortable and relaxed, not stuffed and clumsy! It is also good not to drink coffee or tea before the treatment, because these beverages stimulate our body and, therefore, do not allow us to rest during the treatment.
  4.       We need to inform the massageur of the incoveniences. Each body reaction is different and it is fine to give guidance to the personnel to get massaged properly.


There may be many more tips on how to prepare for a procedure, however, we specify only the basic and universal ones. The other remarks depend on the salon or SPA parlour we have chosen. If we do all these things mentioned above, we can finally calm down and compose ourselves.


Don’t forget about Valentines Day! If you think of what kind of gift would make your beloved one really happy on this special day, remember that cosmetic treatments and massages are usually the most enjoyable presents. Be someone’s perfect Valentine and give them relaxing treat!




You can also prepare home SPA for your beloved one, using massage candle of favourite aroma. Our natural candles of 6 different fragrances are now at exceptional price – take this unique advantage and enjoy the moment of total relaxation, enveloped with a warm candle light, a nice scent and natural oils of high quality. You deserve it!


Our CandleLand Team wishes you a perfect Valentine’s Day and as much love as possible – for this exceptional day and all the year!



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